Here are some of the most commonly asked questions (courtesy of Triathlon Australia), about the Noosa Tri Club, and triathlon itself. If you have any other questions, please contact our team so that we can help.



What is a triathlon?

Triathlon is an activity that combines swimming, cycling, and running in one event. 

Do you swim, ride or run first?

In a triathlon, you swim, ride and then run. 

What is transition?

Transition is the area where your bike will stay and where you keep your running gear. This is the central area of the event where you will go to after each stage of your event. You will have access to transition before event start so you can set your area up. Sometimes the place you need to set up is identified by your race number or wave number, and sometimes you can set up anywhere.

How long is a triathlon?

Triathlons differ in distances, depending on the type of triathlon and/or what the organisers have set. The most common distances are listed below:

Sprint Triathlon: 750m swim, 20km ride, 5km run
Olymptic Triathlon: 1500m swim, 40km ride, 10km run
Half Iron Distance Triathlon: 1.9km swim, 90km ride, 21.1km run
Iron Distance Triathlon: 3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42.2km run



Do I need a wetsuit for doing triathlons?

If the water temperature is below 24 degrees then it is optional to wear a wetsuit. The water temp is measured on the morning of the race. However if the races are very short distances and most people are beginners, hardly anyone wears one. If you plan to do other races then it is something you could consider for the future.

What do I wear?

 Anything made from lycra is good! A trisuit is a tight fitted all-in-one outfit that you can swim & run in too. You can wear a sports bra underneath it. For your first race, most people wear a sports bra or crop top under their swimmers with lycra tights over the top and maybe add a tshirt/singlet when they get out of the swim. It’s important to be comfortable and to practice in your chosen outfit.

What kind of bike/equipment do I need?

You can ride any kind of bike – you don’t need anything fancy to get started. Just be sure it is in good working order by getting a service prior to the race & have your tyres pumped up. It must have gears and brakes.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes you are required to wear a helmet at all times whilst riding a bike. Please ensure that your helmet meets Australian standards and has a working strap.



How should I train?
Joining a triathlon club is the best way to train – you will meet like minded people and have a supportive environment regardless of your ability level.
How do I learn to ride a bike/swim?

Your local triathlon club (Noosa Tri Club) or local swimming pool will be able to advise you on where to get beginner lessons. Don’t put it off – plenty of adults learn these skills later in life.

How do I do swimming training?

There are adult learn to swim and stroke correction classes at most local swimming pools. Do not be nervous about asking for lessons – it will help you out so much!

What is the correct bike riding etiquette?

Always stay to the left of the bike course to allow others to overtake on the right. Never ‘undertake’ on the left. Call out ‘passing on your right’ as you go past someone. Then move immediately to the left of the course again until you need to pass someone else



How should I prepare for the race?
The best way to prepare for a race is to gradually increase your training time and intensity until you are doing at least the distances of each individual part of the race, if not a bit more. Then you can start linking them together, eg
swim/runs or bike/runs.
What happens when I get there on race day?

All this information will be written in the race briefing information emailed to you one week prior to the race. You will need to register, attach your race number on your bike, helmet and clothing, take your bike into transition and get everything ready.

Nutrition? Diet? Pre and during race.

Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the race. Have your regular breakfast on race day. It is normally not necessary to increase your regular calorie intake in any way for shorter races. You might choose to have a muesli bar or banana during the bike part of the race. You should also have a water bottle on the bike with either water or Gatorade in it. On the run course there are drink stations with cups of water.

Can I have someone with me in transition?

No – Only competitors can enter the transition area at any time. The only exception is paratriathletes who have ‘handlers’ and guides to assist them in transition.


Noosa Tri Club is always looking for new members, of every standard of fitness & experience. If you or anyone you know has an interest in taking part in the most exciting, healthiest & fastest growing sport in the world please join us or get in contact!